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Recombinant Proteins and Antibodies Active Motif


Active Motif


highly validated proteins for epigenetic drug discovery
Active Motif is a leading developer of reagents, assays, and services for epigenetic drug discovery. We offer a large collection of full-length, high quality recombinant proteins for many relevant drug targets. Our proteins are manufactured to meet the highest standards of purity and activity required for conventional drug discovery assays, such as HTRF, mass spectrometry, AlphaLISA and Alphascreen, and these assays are routinely incorporated into our quality control processes. We also provide a wide selection of histone substrates and small molecules for your epigenetic drug discovery assays.

RNA Methylation • Bromodomains • HATs and HDACs • HMTs and HDMs • Transcription Factors • Ubiquitination • Kinases • Growth Factors • Histones & Modified Histones • DNA Damage • Nucleosomes


defined antibodies for highly specific, reproducible performance
AbFlex® antibodies are recombinant antibodies (rAbs) that have been generated using defined DNA sequences to produce highly specific, reproducible antibodies. In addition to flexible labeling and purification options, each AbFlex® antibody contains a Sortase recognition motif (LPXTG) to covalently add fluorophores, enzymatic substrates (HRP, AP...etc), peptides, DNA, drugs or other labels to the antibody in a directed and reproducible manner using our Sortag-IT Labeling Kits Every antibody also contains a 6xHis tag, which can be used with nickel-based purification systems, and an avidin tag sequence for enzymatic biotin conjugation using the biotin ligase, BirA.
Advantages of AbFlex® Recombinant Antibodies (rAbs)
Flexible labeling & purification options
Consistent performance across lots
Highly specific and sensitive antibodies
Reliable, long-term supply
Animal-free production


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    Vinci-Biochem Srl
    Via Ponte di Bagnolo, 10
    50059 Vinci (Firenze) Italy
    Tel:+39 0571 568147
    Fax:+39 0571 568132
    P. IVA 05706610481
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