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AdipoGen Obesity 2017
AdipoGen Obesity 2017
KEY Adipokines: Adiponectin, Nampt/Visfatin, RBP4, Progranulin, Vaspin, ZAG
Obesity & Immunometabolism 
IL-33 & Adipose Tissue Homeostasis
Obesity & Angiogenesis
WAT Browning
Small Molecules Modulators
Lipidomic Standards and Research Tools
Lipidomic Standards and Research Tools - Cayman
Eicosanoids & Fatty Acids
Mass Spec Mixtures
Sterol Lipids
- High-purity, qualitative research standards
- Convenient packaging for GC-MS, LC-MS, or HPLC
- Stable isotope-labeled standards
Biovision Metabolism Brochure 2017
Biovision Metabolism Brochure 2017
Amino Acids & Proteins  
Carbohydrates | Coenzymes & Cofactors | ELISA Kits | Glycolysis Pathway | Inorganic Ions | Intermediary Metabolism | Lipids Metabolism | Oxidative Stress
Serum Components | TCA Cycle/Kreb’s Cycle/Citric Acid Cycle
Other Metabolism-Related Assays
Assay Kits Cayman
Assay Kits - Cayman
Immunoassays to Mass Spectrometry
Kits by Research Area
• Cancer
• Cardiovascular Disease
• Cell Biology
• Eicosanoids & Lipids
• Epigenetics
• Immunology & Inflammation
• Metabolism
• Neuroscience
• Nitric Oxide & Oxidative Injury
• Toxicology
Kit Information 
Sample Preparation & Screening Libraries
Mitochondial Function Assay Cayman
Mitochondrial Function Assays . Cayman
Mitochondrial Stress Test Kit | Primary Screeening Assays
Oxygen Consumption Assays | Membrane Potential Assays | Functional Assays | ETC Activity Assays | Mitochondrial Content Assay | Citrate Synthase Activity Assay | ROS Generation | 
Mitochondrial Isolation Assay
Cayman Glucose Metabolism
Glucose Metabolism - Cayman Scarica PDF
Glycolysis Cell-Based Assay
Oxygen Consumption / Glycolysis Dual Assay Kit
Glucose Colorimetric Assay Kit
Glucose Uptake Cell-Based Assay Kit - Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Activity Assay
Glucose-6-Phosphate Fluorometric Assay Kit
Pyruvate Assay Kit
L-Lactate Assay Kit
Glycogen Assay Kit
Sphingolipid Synthesis
Sphingolipid Metabolism - Cayman
Cayman Research Tools for Fatty Liver Disease
Research  Tools for Fatty Liver Disease - Cayman
Products to Study Lipogenesis
Products to Study Inflammation
Products to Study Fibrosis
Eicosanoids - Cayman
Cayman Chemical is the world leader in producing synthetically pure eicosanoids.
Fatty Acids and Eicosanoids
Fatty Acid and Eicosanoid MS Mixtures - Cayman
AdipoGen ELISA Kits
ELISA Kits - AdipoGen 
Metabolic Syndrome Biomarkers: Obesity/Type 2 Diabetes Markers, Insulin Resistance Markers, Cardiovascular Markers
Inflammatory Diseases Biomarkers: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Neuroinflammation Markers
Cancer & Autoimmune Diseases Biomarkers
Adiponectin, ANGPTL3, ANGPTL6, BAFF, Caspase-1, Clusterin, DLK1, FGF-19, FGF-21, GPX1, GPX3, IL-1a, IL-33, IL-36b, IL-36Ra, IL-37, IL-38, Irisin, Lipocalin-2, Nampt/Visfatin, Periostin, Progranulin, RBP4, RELM-b, Resistin, Sirtuin 1, Sirtuin 2, Vaspin, Zinc-a Protein 
Cayman MaxSpec Quantitative Lipidomics
Cayman MaxSpec Quantitative Lipidomics
AdipoGen Small Molecules 2016
Small Molecules
AdipoGen Life Sciences
Synthetic Small Molecules
Unique Natural Products
Rare Antibiotics
Full Panel of >1500 Small Molecules
Over 25 Years of Experience
High-end Customer & Technical Support
BULK Quantities
UNIQUE: Controlling β Cell Replication and β Cell Mass
Betatrophin (also called RIFL, Lipasin or Angiopoietin-like protein 8 (ANGPTL8)) is a new secreted protein of 198 aa that promotes β cell proliferation and improves glucose tolerance in mice. Betatrophin may also function in inhibition of lipase activity and on serum triglyceride regulation.
Flyer NAD Supplement - Adipogen
NAD+ Metabolome Supplement
NAD+ – From De Novo to Salvage Pathway
NAD Nucleotidase – An economic way to Nicotinamide Riboside
Biologically Active IDO and TDO
Specific IDO and TDO Antibodies
IDO Inhibitor
NAD+ Metabolome_Adipogen
NAD+ Metabolome: Adipogen
Linking NAD+ Signaling & Cancer 
Nicotinamide Phosphoribosyltransferase (Nampt), Nampt (Visfatin/PBEF) ELISA Kits, 
Proteins,  Antibodies, Inhibitors from the Manufacturer, Biologically Active NAD Kinase & NMNAT Proteins, Sirtuins (SIRTs) and Cancer, Sirtuin ELISA Kits, Proteins, Antibodies, Modulators, Poly(ADP ribose) Polymerases (PARPs), new Biologically Active PARP and PARG Proteins, Specific PARP & PAR Antibodies, PARP Inhibitors, NQO1 Reagents, CD38 Antibodies
Fatty Acids and Eicosanoids
Fatty Acid and Eicosanoid MS Mixtures - Cayman
Cayman FAHFAs
FAHFAs - Cayman
• Novel bioactive lipids for diabetes and inflammation research
• 5-, 9-, 12-, and 13-series FAHFAs now available
• High quality lipids with purity of =95%
• Deuterated standards available
• Custom synthesis available
PAHSAs (Palmitic Acid-Hydroxy Stearic Acid)
SAHSAs (Stearic Acid-Hydroxy Stearic Acid)
OAHSAs (Oleic Acid-Hydroxy Stearic Acid)
POHSAs (Palmitoleic Acid-Hydroxy Stearic Acid)
Why We Needed a Better Glycolysis Kit
Why We Needed a Better Glycolysis Kit - Building a Better Assay
pH-Xtra™ Glycolysis Cell-Based Assay Kit
Mitochondrial Stress Test Kit
Cayman Cell Proliferation Viability and Cytotoxicity Assays
Cell Health and Viability Assays -  Cayman
Cayman CYP450 and PUFAs
CYP450 and PUFAs - Cayman
Cytochrome P450 and PUFAs
Arachidonic Acid
Eicosapentaenoic Acid
Docosahexaenoic Acid
DGLA and Linoleic Acid
CYP Inhibitors and Reagents
Cayman Immunoassays and Mass Spec Tech Brief
Immunoassays and Mass Spec Tech Brief - Cayman
Immunoassays and Mass Spectrometry: Transitioning Technology
Cayman Ceramides and Sphingolipids for Mass Spec
Ceramides and Sphingolipids for Mass Spec - Cayman
Ceramides & Sphingolipids
• Over 70 ceramide and sphingolipid standards available
• Bulk, custom standards, and custom mixtures also available
• Labeled standards available
Featured Analytical Reference Standards
Cayman Fatty Acids For Mass Spec
Fatty Acids For Mass Spec - Cayman
Fatty Acids
• Over 340 fatty acid standards available
• Bulk, custom standards, and custom mixtures also available
• Labeled standards available
Cayman Oxysterols for Mass Spec
Oxysterols for Mass Spec - Cayman
Featured Analytical Reference Standards
Coenzyme Cofactor Assay kits
Biovision Coenzyme Cofactor Assay kits
Biovision Aminoacid assay kits
Biovision Aminoacid assay kits
Biovision Cholesterol Efflux
Biovision Cholesterol Efflux
Biovision Glycolysis
Biovision Glycolysis
Biovision Krebs Cycle
Biovision Krebs Cycle
Biovision Glucose
Biovision Glucose
Biovision Glucose Uptake kits
Biovision Glucose Uptake kits



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