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Mitochondial Function Assay Cayman
Mitochondrial Function Assays . Cayman
Mitochondrial Stress Test Kit | Primary Screeening Assays
Oxygen Consumption Assays | Membrane Potential Assays | Functional Assays | ETC Activity Assays | Mitochondrial Content Assay | Citrate Synthase Activity Assay | ROS Generation | 
Mitochondrial Isolation Assay
Why We Needed a Better Glycolysis Kit
Why We Needed a Better Glycolysis Kit - Building a Better Assay
pH-Xtra™ Glycolysis Cell-Based Assay Kit
Mitochondrial Stress Test Kit
Cayman Glucose Metabolism
Glucose Metabolism - Cayman Scarica PDF
Glycolysis Cell-Based Assay Kit | Oxygen Consumption / Glycolysis Dual Assay Kit
Glucose Colorimetric Assay Kit | Glucose Uptake Cell-Based Assay Kit
Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Activity Assay | Glucose-6-Phosphate Fluorometric Assay Kit
Pyruvate Assay Kit
L-Lactate Assay Kit
Glycogen Assay Kit
Oxygen Consumption Rate Assay Kit (MitoXpress®-Xtra HS Method)
Oxygen Consumption / MitoMembrane Potential Dual Assay Kit
Metabolism Assay Kits Biovision Metabolism Assay Kits - Biovision
Cayman Bioenergetics Currents
Bioenergetics Currents - Cayman
Mitochondria and Cellular Homeostasis: Beyond ATP Synthesis
Evaluating Mitochondria Toxicity
MitoCheck Assays
Oxygen Consumption Rate Assays
Oxidative Stress
Researcher Spotlight
AdipoGen Life Sciences Obesity 2016
Obesity 2016
AdipoGen Life Sciences
Obesity & Diabetes Research
Focus: White, Brown & Beige/Brite Adipose Tissue
Adipokines & Obesity-related ELISA Kits: Adiponectin, ANGPTLs, Clusterin, CTRPs, GPXs, Lipocalin-2, Nampt/Visfatin, RBP4, Resistin, Sirtuins, Vaspin, ZAG
Obesity-related Antibodies & Proteins: New Obesity-related Targets, Interleukin-33, ANGPTL8/Betatrophin, FTO, Progranulin
Brown & Beige/Brite Adipocytes
Irisin, FGF-21, Interleukin-6, Neuregulin-4, VEGF, BAIBA, CK2 Inhibitor 10
Obesity-related Transcription Factor Proteins: GCN5, p300, PCAF, TIP60
Small Molecule Modulators: AMPK Modulators, PPAR Agonists, Metabolic Research Compound
AdipoGen ELISA Kits
ELISA Kits - AdipoGen 
Metabolic Syndrome Biomarkers: Obesity/Type 2 Diabetes Markers, Insulin Resistance Markers, Cardiovascular Markers
Inflammatory Diseases Biomarkers: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Neuroinflammation Markers
Cancer & Autoimmune Diseases Biomarkers
Adiponectin, ANGPTL3, ANGPTL6, BAFF, Caspase-1, Clusterin, DLK1, FGF-19, FGF-21, GPX1, GPX3, IL-1a, IL-33, IL-36b, IL-36Ra, IL-37, IL-38, Irisin, Lipocalin-2, Nampt/Visfatin, Periostin, Progranulin, RBP4, RELM-b, Resistin, Sirtuin 1, Sirtuin 2, Vaspin, Zinc-a Protein 
Assay Kits Cayman
Assay Kits - Cayman
Immunoassays to Mass Spectrometry
Kits by Research Area
• Cancer
• Cardiovascular Disease
• Cell Biology
• Eicosanoids & Lipids
• Epigenetics
• Immunology & Inflammation
• Metabolism
• Neuroscience
• Nitric Oxide & Oxidative Injury
• Toxicology
Kit Information 
Sample Preparation & Screening Libraries
Cayman Dietary Fatty Acids Currents 2015
Dietary Fatty Acids Currents 2015 - Cayman 
Lipid Mediators: D-Series Resolvins & Lipoxins
Single-Use PUFAs 
ω-3 Fatty Acids: DHA, EPA, DPA, & ALA
New Product Spotlight: FAHFAs
ω-6 Fatty Acids: Linoleic Acid & GLA
Lipid Mixtures & Libraries
Diabetes Brochure 2014
BioVision: Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolic Syndrom
Adipokine Signaling
AMPK , Insulin and Leptin Signaling
Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 (DPP4)
GSK-3/Wnt Signaling
JAK/STAT Signaling
JNK/SAPK Signaling
PI 3-K/Akt/mTOR Signaling
PPAR Signaling
TGF-β Signaling
Toll-Like Receptor (TLR) Signaling
Lipid Metabolism
And More...
AdipoGen Small Molecules 2016
Small Molecules
AdipoGen Life Sciences
Synthetic Small Molecules
Unique Natural Products
Rare Antibiotics
Full Panel of >1500 Small Molecules
Over 25 Years of Experience
High-end Customer & Technical Support
BULK Quantities
Lipid Storage and Metabolism - Cayman Lipid Storage and Metabolism
Lipid Droplets Fluorescence Assay Kit / Adipogenesis Assay Kit
Adipolysis Assay Kit / Glycerol Cell-Based Assay Kit / Glycerol Colorimetric Assay Kit / Lipase Activity Assay Kit / Steatosis Colorimetric Assay Kit / SREBP-2 Cell-Based Translocation Assay Kit
β-Hydroxybutyrate Colorimetric Assay Kit / β-Hydroxybutyrate Fluorometric Assay Kit / ML-261/ Oil Red O / Atglistatin / HTS 01037 / PAb to Adipose Triglyceride Lipase, AdPLA2, SOAT-1/ACAT-1, SOAT-2/ACAT-2, Hormone-Sensitive Lipase (human recombinant)
UNIQUE: Controlling β Cell Replication and β Cell Mass
Betatrophin (also called RIFL, Lipasin or Angiopoietin-like protein 8 (ANGPTL8)) is a new secreted protein of 198 aa that promotes β cell proliferation and improves glucose tolerance in mice. Betatrophin may also function in inhibition of lipase activity and on serum triglyceride regulation.
Cayman Bioenergetics Screening Services Whitepaper
Bioenergetics Screening Services Whitepaper - Cayman 
Screening for Drug Induced Mitochondrial Dysfunction:
Bioenergetics Screening Services
Key Information:
• Determining drug-induced mitochondrial dysfunction
• Evaluating for mitochondrial dysfunction by measuring oxygen consumption
• Identifying inhibition of specific mitochondrial complexes using novel non-antibody based assays
Flyer NAD Supplement - Adipogen
NAD+ Metabolome Supplement
NAD+ – From De Novo to Salvage Pathway
NAD Nucleotidase – An economic way to Nicotinamide Riboside
Biologically Active IDO and TDO
Specific IDO and TDO Antibodies
IDO Inhibitor
NAD+ Metabolome_Adipogen
NAD+ Metabolome: Adipogen
Linking NAD+ Signaling & Cancer 
Nicotinamide Phosphoribosyltransferase (Nampt), Nampt (Visfatin/PBEF) ELISA Kits, 
Proteins,  Antibodies, Inhibitors from the Manufacturer, Biologically Active NAD Kinase & NMNAT Proteins, Sirtuins (SIRTs) and Cancer, Sirtuin ELISA Kits, Proteins, Antibodies, Modulators, Poly(ADP ribose) Polymerases (PARPs), new Biologically Active PARP and PARG Proteins, Specific PARP & PAR Antibodies, PARP Inhibitors, NQO1 Reagents, CD38 Antibodies




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